By Guy Gregory,
MCDC Communications Specialist

MCDC is pleased to announce the addition of NeighborWorks Montana as its newest organizational member. Among other homebuyer services, this organization facilitates the Resident-Owned Community (ROC USA) program in Montana where manufactured home park residents cooperatively purchase and manage their commonly held property and infrastructure. NeighborWorks Montana and MCDC have partnered on housing cooperative feasibility studies in the past and continue to promote rural investment cooperatives for housing purposes. This Great Falls-based nonprofit has appointed Katie Biggs, Marketing and Resource Manager, to serve as their MCDC Board representative.

Pictured above, from left to right: Nicole Borner, Laura Marshall, Katie Biggs. Pictured below, from left to right: Anne Boothe, Clarence "Fritz" Keller, and Cyndi Johnson.

MCDC is welcoming three other new directors who have filled recent board vacancies.

Montana Association of Counties (MACO) recently appointed Nicole Borner to their board seat to replace Cyndi Johnson, who had moved into the Montana Farm Bureau Federation board position.  Borner brings a unique perspective to the board since she currently serves as both a county commissioner for Musselshell County and President of the Musselshell Rural Investment Cooperative. Borner and several members founded the co-op to help other investors buy and renovate Roundup’s historic Central School building.

Clarence “Fritz” Keller was recently appointed by the Montana Council of Cooperatives (MCOC) to represent its 80 co-op members on the MCDC Board.  Keller is the President of Hill County Electric Cooperative, based in Havre.  He replaces long-time director Gary Gunderson who resigned from the MCOC board earlier this year.

Pictured above from left to right:  Former MCDC Board Directors Gary Gunderson and Paul Tuss.
Both Gunderson and Tuss have left the board after many years of service to MCDC.

The Montana Telecommunications Association (MTA) has appointed Laura Marshall to their position on the MCDC board. She is the Vice President of Human Resources and Community Relations for Missoula-based Blackfoot Communications (dba Blackfoot). The MTA board seat was open as Anne Boothe, who recently retired from Triangle Communications, was appointed by the Montana Economic Developers Association (MEDA) to fill its MCDC Board seat. She replaced Paul Tuss who had served on the MCDC board for 20 years as MEDA’s representative.

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