Lunch & Learn Sessions

by Guy Gregory
MCDC Communications Specialist

The Montana Council of Cooperatives (MCOC) and the Montana Cooperative Development Center (MCDC) are looking for ideas from Council members on how to tailor a new series of webinars called the “Lunch and Learn Sessions”.  At their July 25th joint meeting, board members from both MCOC and MCDC met to discuss plans for launching a series of 60 – 90 minute training sessions over the internet. 

Each webinar would focus on one of several subjects affecting cooperative businesses.  Board members had proposed several topics to cover that included: co-op finance, cooperative principles orientation, co-op governance, program evaluation, time management, conflict resolution, cyber security, and management succession planning. 

Council members are highly encouraged to give suggestions on how to best construct the webinars and any ideas on speakers as well as provide additional topics that were not already discussed by board members.  Feedback can be submitted by either email at: or by calling the MCDC office at: (406) 727-1517.

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